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Help & Support March 2023

Maintenance indicators - Details page Enhanced


Details page Enhanced view

This page describes the Enhanced version of maintenance window indicators on the Details page, read about the Legacy version.

Watches in maintenance do not send alerts, change the colour of heat tiles nor decrement availability figures

Maintenance Marker on the Details page

When a watch is in maintenance, the watch icon changes to the maintenance icon. Hover on the icon to see more detail. Find out more: Details page header - maintenance.

Detail page - bearers and Broadband Clarity

Maintenance indicators on the Details page
Maintenance indicator and purple background areas

Detail page - Line Availability

Availability Events - Maintenance indicator

Purple background areas on the line availability chart show current and past maintenance periods. Find out more: Line availability events - maintenance.

Detail page - Performance Tests

Performance tests in maintenance
Maintenance indicator and purple background area. Find out more: performance charts - maintenance

Detail page - Wireless Access Points

Maintenance indicators on Wireless Access Point health charts

WAPs show a purple background area on the chart to indicate current and past maintenance periods. Find out more: access point health charts - maintenance