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Help & Support July 2022

Release notes - July 2022


22.7 includes an additional SD-WAN vendor, Fortinet, the launch of the Reporting API and performance chart updates.

SD-WAN Overlay - Fortinet supported BETA

Fortinet Logo

Highlight are excited to announce support for Fortinet SD-WAN integration. Fortinet are a leading supplier of networking and security solutions, including its FortiGate™ and FortiManager™ based SD-WAN technologies.

Highlight seamlessly integrates with FortiManager using its API to collect stability, load and health data on the SD-WAN environment, presenting this data alongside the networks underlay connectivity and LAN components to provide an easy to use single-pane-of-glass.

Adding Highlight to Fortinet SD-WAN improves the alerting, reporting and transparency of the SD-WAN overlay. It also enables service providers who manage multiple Fortinet SD-WAN solutions to use a multi-tenanted FortiManager instance, reducing operational costs and complexity. Additionally, if the service provider or enterprise are managing multiple SD-WAN vendors, Highlight can provide the same easy to use single-pane-of-glass over multiple vendors, further simplifying the technology.

In 22.7, it's possible to discover Fortinet bearers, VPN peers/tunnels and performance tests. These are available throughout Highlight in:

  • SD-WAN admin and edit
  • Strip charts and dedicated Details pages
  • Alerting
  • Reporting

Having both tunnels and tests in Highlight enables a service provider to offer a more comprehensive managed service, alerting when thresholds are breached and providing historic reports on service performance to customers.

SD-WAN tunnel with performance tests strip charts

The strip charts for SD-WAN performance tests change amber then red if thresholds set on the test are breached. The sidebar on the performance chart (seen on the details page for the parent tunnel) also changes amber or red if issues occur.

Blips indicate API call failures (ongoing and recovered) or tunnel down.

SD-WAN tunnel line availability
SD-WAN tunnel line availability

It's possible to create "Tunnel-Availability" alerts and run reports specifically for tunnels which can include the parent device. It's also possible to create alerts on SD-WAN performance tests and run reports specifically for these tests which can include the parent tunnel. Highlight reporting on SD-WAN performance tests can identify trends with problem tunnels.

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