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Help & Support November 2022

Release notes - November 2022


22.11 includes:

  • support for Cisco Viptela SD-WAN tunnels and performance tests
  • the option to mark SD-WAN uplinks as dormant
  • a Reporting API update to add all performance tests
  • bug fixes

SD-WAN Overlay - Viptela VPN Peer tunnels and performance tests supported BETA

Viptela Logo

In 22.11 Highlight announce further support for Cisco Viptela SD-WAN integration.

Highlight seamlessly integrates with the Viptela vManage API to collect stability, load and health data on the SD-WAN environment, presenting this data alongside the networks underlay connectivity and LAN components to provide an easy to use single-pane-of-glass.

Adding Highlight to Viptela SD-WAN improves the alerting, reporting and transparency of the SD-WAN overlay. If the service provider or enterprise are managing multiple SD-WAN vendors, Highlight can provide the same easy to use single-pane-of-glass over multiple vendors, thus simplifying the technology.

In 22.11, it's possible to discover Cisco Viptela bearers, VPN peers/tunnels and performance tests. These are available throughout Highlight in:

  • SD-WAN admin and edit
  • Strip charts and dedicated Details pages
  • Alerting
  • Reporting

Having both tunnels and tests in Highlight enables a service provider to offer a more comprehensive managed service, alerting when thresholds are breached and providing historic reports on service performance to customers.

Blips indicate API call failures (ongoing and recovered) or tunnel down.

SD-WAN tunnel line availability
SD-WAN tunnel line availability
SD-WAN Viptela performance test
SD-WAN Precision performance test

It's possible to create "Tunnel-Availability" alerts and run reports specifically for tunnels which can include the parent device. It's also possible to create alerts on SD-WAN performance tests and run reports specifically for these tests which can include the parent tunnel. Highlight reporting on SD-WAN performance tests can identify trends with problem tunnels.

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