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Help & Support March 2023

Release notes - March 2023


23.3 includes these enhancements:

  • Watch Status panel
  • Hybrid WAN chart
  • SD-WAN Pending

Watch Status panel

A Watch Status card is a summarised view of a watch. Clicking on the card opens the watch details page.

Watch Status panel for location and service
Watch Status panel for location (left) and service (right)

Watch Status cards appear when you click on a heat tile or grid row and show:

  • The Red/Amber/Green state of watches in location or service tile
  • Stability/Load/Health issue reason with duration
  • A clear relationship between parent bearer and VLANs or classes
  • A coloured badge summarising the status of all performance tests under a bearer
  • Badges for Flow/NBAR/Clarity/Performance which jump to the feature section of the details page

Find out more about the Watch Status panel.